The Iron Maiden – beauty and strength in Poker

The Iron Maiden of Poker - Liv Boeree

Liv “Olivia” Boeree – The Iron maiden of Poker

Liv “Olivia” Boeree is one of the most successful and might we add beautiful female poker players of all time and is a European poker tour champion to boot. Nicknamed “The Iron Maiden” and with her cute accent, great body, beautiful face and a superb poker record. We reckon she is one of the coolest lady poker players with the great given nickname of  The Iron Maiden, in poker today.

Originally Born in Kent, United Kingdom in 1984, Liv Boeree studied astrophysics at The University of Manchester before eventually moving to London to find fame as a model and TV presenter on a range of different shows. There, she was introduced to poker after being selected to appear on a T.V. show called Showdown. Throughout the show she received coaching from poker pros Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke and, from then on, she was completely hooked.

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After studying the game intensely, Liv made her first break through at the 2008 Ladbrokes Poker European Ladies Championship, taking down the event for $42K. In

Liv "Olivia" Boeree , The Iron Maiden of poker

Liv “Olivia” Boeree – Beauty and Brains in Poker

2009, she cashed for $40K in the World poker tour five-star poker classic $25K event, which at the time was her biggest score. Later that year, she went on to pick up the first of her two World Series of Poker wins, making the money in $1K and $1.5K No Limit Hold’em poker events. Following her run of success, Liv was signed up to be a sponsored professional. In 2010, Liv won the €5,000 European Poker Tour San Remo Main Event for $1.7 million. In addition to the massive first place prize, Liv became the third woman to ever win an EPT championship. The final table included players like Sweden’s Jakob Carlsson, who lost the heads-up battle, and Toni Pettersson, who finished third.

Liv has recently posted, “It is a well- known fact that some poker players travel almost non-stop on the poker circuit, jetting off to exotic locations and visiting some of the many wonders of the world in the process. I count myself very fortunate to be able to join that group and live that lifestyle, and it’s something I regularly pinch myself as a reminder to be grateful for.”

The Iron Maiden

Liv besides having beauty and brains is a huge metal music fan. An accomplished guitar player.  This is another reason she has been given the name “The Iron Maiden”. This was earlier in her career, and she has recently admitted that she has picked up her guitar and started playing again.

Liv, The Iron Maiden playing the game of poker

Liv, playing the game of poker

The great combination of Liv’s skills on the tables, and her incredible good looks have garnered her not only the nickname of The Iron Maiden but gained her international media attention.  Publications such as Loaded Magazine, Maxim, Sport Magazine UK, Guitar World, Card Player, and Bluff. Recently, she developed a passion for T.V. presenting. Liv has worked on various productions, including The Metal Hammer Golden Gods, The European Poker Challenge II, and the EPT.


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