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Gala Bingo has become a great success and is the No 1 Bingo operator in the UK, it is extremely popular.  Gala Bingo operates with the fantastic virtue fusion software offering even more dynamic play online and a huge range of bingo games and side games to play.

There are fantastic hot deals and promos on the front page of the site and a great new game is "Deal or no Deal" bingo as well as "lucky numbers" bingo or try out the Gala "50 shades of play" slot. 

Gala Bingo is the largest Bingo gaming network in the United Kingdom. They have their own online bingo operation there is also Gala lotto, a Gala Bingo TV channel, and of course the 175 Gala "brick and mortar" bingo clubs that spread right across the United Kingdom that have more than 5 million members. Gala has a winner every ten seconds online which makes their website one of the most generous of bingo online site's. Every week Gala Bingo pays out up to an incredible £ 28 million pounds.

Gala Bingo - Mobile

Gala bingo now also offer mobile gaming on your cellphone, ipad or tablet.  Offering Big names, huge jackpot prizes, and plenty of winners all combine to make the Gala Bingo site an extremely popular online play addition to the world wide web.

Gala Bingo - Play free Bingo

Gala offers FREE  play bingo games online every Monday and Thursday. Players are entitled to 12 free tickets in each game, which are hosted at 5 minutes to the hour, every hour between 12:55pm and 10:55pm. Prizes of up to £500 are up for grabs and you can (and probably should) pre-buy tickets to ensure you get in on the event.

In addition register to play with Gala and as a new member you can also take advantage of Gala's Newbie's Room where you'll be entitled to play FREE bingo for 5 days after you join!

Gala Bingo - Playing Games

Gala offer a huge array of exciting Bingo Games online, the bingo rooms all have their own personality and decor and all are independently customisable. Excluding current offers and special games, bingo ticket prices usually range from 10p to 40p each with a Jackpot game held every hour in the Seattle Spotlight room. There are more than a dozen busy bingo rooms online offering traditional 90 ball bingo and pattern 75 ball bingo. All the Gala chat rooms are busy and players as well as the chat managers offer a friendly, genial experience for everyone including any new players.

Gala Bingo - Play Promotions

Wager £25 on the Girls Night Out scratch card game and Gala will give you another £5 free. While in all of the 90 ball clubs, players that have got 1 to go when the game ends will also win a prize. This is for games between 10:00 and 11:00, 16:00 and 17:00 and 20:00 and 21:00.

Gala Bingo - Play for Jackpots

Regular promotions are run on Gala Bingo online website offering very impressive guaranteed jackpots. 20p ticket games offer up to a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot while "Friday Night Frenzy" gives away £8,000 in one single game. Linked Games provide you with tickets at the cost of 5p each and access to some massive jackpots that you won't find online at any other site for such a small ticket price.

Among the 70 side games there are also huge jackpots on offer. Several Deal or No Deal games can be played with prizes of £100,000 and more to be won in an instant. Other games include Blackjack and Poker as well as HiLo, scratch cards and slot machines are numerous and there are many more games are online and waiting for you to explore them.

Gala Bingo - Buzz Bonus Points

Gala Bingo  Buzz bonus points is a great loyalty program offered by Gala. Once you've earned Buzz Bonus Points they'll be added to your redeemable Buzz Points balance which you'll be able to view instantly under My Loyalty, and at the top of every game page. Once you have earned 500 points you will be able to redeem them for bonus cash to spend on bingo! (500 Buzz points = 50p) So, start earning Buzz Points today!

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