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responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling

We would like to mention a couple of things about responsible gaming and how to overcome these problems, if you think you have a problem, in the best way.

Many good things in life have a risk of addiction, such as alcohol, tobacco, food, shopping or even exercise!   the list is actually extensive.

Gambling is another pastime that can be addictive, and since the Internet itself has addictive powers, online gambling can be a real problem.

You know yourself better than anybody else, and you should know if you have an addictive personality or not. Do you eat more than you should, or do you shop until you drop? Does that bottle of wine constantly beckon you and taste like more ? If this is the case then you should read through this page we have put together.

When does your gambling become a problem?

There are a number of behaviors that can reveal a gambling addiction. Have a look at this list below and how many of them apply to you? If you can relate to a couple or more of these points then you may have a problem.

Honesty is the best policy, even if you only admit it to yourself.

  • You spend more money on gambling than you had originally planned.
  • You get annoyed and irritable if something disturbs you while gambling.
  • You chase your losses, trying to win back money that you’ve lost.
  • You loose all sense of time and stay in the game for longer than you planned.
  • You avoid or don't tell the truth to people that are close to you.
  • You don't stop when you’re up and winning, but continue gambling until all the money is gone.
  • You have a strong belief that you will win it big.
  • You spend more and more time gambling and thinking about gambling.
  • Need to play for higher stakes in order to get the same excitement.
  • You spend more on gambling than you let your friends or family know.
  • You choose and place gaming and gambling before family, friends or work.

Denial that you have a problem, is half the problem. It's only when you admit that you have a problem, that something can be some about it. Try saying to yourself and out loud, "I have a gambling problem", how does that make you feel?

You are not alone.

There are many people who have been in the same position as you are and there is help at hand.

Pick up the phone or find a centre in your area, this one small action could change your life.

National Council on Problem Gambling (Canada)      Helpline: 1-800-522-4700
UK GamCare                                                               Helpline: 0845-6000-13
Gamblers Anonymous
Helping Hand/ IGC

Playing games offers wonderful entertainment, but don’t play games at the expense of your well being.

Responsible Gaming and gambling