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Virgin Bingo online has since it's launch has aimed and suceeded in delivering top class bingo, casino and instant games to its members. is constantly running new and interesting promotions online and in addition provides top class and quality customer service. Virgin Bingo offers exotic and exciting bingo games and rooms 90 balll enterprize bingo, 75 ball voyage and 90 ball adventure bingo what more could any bingo player want?

Virgin Bingo Site

As it's a Virgin business it's pretty safe to say that there will be no monkey business going on and what you see is what you will get. It's always a worry when joining a new site online, that your details won't be safe or the owners will be less than honest but this is very unlikely in the case of Virgin Bingo.

The Virgin Bingo website is very well designed and is user friendly, welcoming and fun. Virgin Bingo is one of the simplest online bingo sites on the internet today. The site is friendly and offers a wide variety of games, there is something for everyone. 

Virgin Bingo is definitely one of the best bingo sites if you like earning rewards and it offers many generous schemes to earn you nice spoils and extra games. It is very well maintained and the technical support is excellent. It's definitley worth having a peek.

Virgin Bingo Games

Virgin Bingo offers both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo which will please all the hardcore bingo fans out there. There is 90 ball Adventure bingo, 75 ball Voyage Bongo and 90 ball Enterprize bingo. The games are easy to play and buying bingo tickets is so simple anyone can do it with ease. The site also offers mini games which are lots of fun and can be played whilst playing bingo so there is no chance of getting bored whilst on the site.

If Bingo isn't your thing or you would like to try something different, Virgin bingo offers a great online video poker game. The game consists of poker and slot elements and is immensely entertaining. It also has a high chance of winning compared to classic casino games. It requires quick thinking and elements of luck and will almost definitely have you hooked.

The slots offered on the Virgin Bingo site are lots of fun too. There are several versions available to play including 5-reel and 3-reel games and the classic 'Double Diamond spin' game. Keno, which is becoming very popular, is also available to play on the site. It is a lottery like game and has the potential of giving some very big wins.

Virgin Bingo Promotions

When you deposit, and the minimum amount is only £10 you are given £30 to play with, now that's a deal! In addition every time you deposit cash into your account you will receive a deposit match, again not every bingo site offers this great bonus feature.

There is a V points scheme which allows you to earn points. You earn these points when you buy Virgin bingo cards, play Keno or any of the other fun games on the Virgin Games website.

You can be sure that all your details are safe and will never be passed on to any third parties.


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